The City State Report 2018

A year ago, Brno published The City State Report 2017, which describes the state of the city according to selected indicators important for long-term development of the city. This year’s The City State Report was published on Monday 23rd April 2018 within the framework of meeting of Brno’s City Ecosystem.

Last year in April, Brno published The City State Report 2017, which describes the basic statistic indicators of the city using infographics. Also, this year the city of Brno prepared new City State Report 2018 which was introduced 23rd April 2018 within the programme of annual meeting of Brno’s City Ecosystem.

“I am glad that the last year’s City State Report appealed and interested the public. Data and facts about the city were presented simple and understandable graphic way, which readers appreciated. That is our aim this year as well. We would like the Brnoers to read the new report and learn some new and interesting facts about our city, for example that the most children in 30 years were born this year, “said Deputy Mayor Jaroslav Kacer.

Compared to the last year, The City State Report 2018 is divided into more parts according to the structure of strategy #brno2050. Resources and Governance were kept, Quality of life was split into three parts. Newly Prosperity (economic figures, labour market), Services (health care, culture, criminality) and Environment (environment, quality of life) were added. For obtaining numbers and statistics we used traditional resources (Czech Statistical Office, Ministry of labour and social affairs), but also non-traditional (mobile operators, AirBnB, Sreality and many more).

Which data and information contain the report 2018 for example?

  • In Brno the most children in last circa 30 years were born. More children were born last time in 1985, when in Brno 4657 children were born. In 2017 it was 4634 children.
  • According to the analysis of the data from mobile operator, during the working day in the city circle up to 30 000 people. These people are moving around up to 8 hours without stopping somewhere for longer than 30 minutes. They are especially drivers, delivery services or company cars.
  • The university students in Brno are on the decrease. According to the last numbers circa 65 000 people study in Brno.
  • The most flats since 2007 were finished. In total 1889 flats were built.
  • The price of the housing is growing dynamically. It applies to the sales of flats and rents as well. The average price of the rent grew in comparison with year 2016 almost by 2 000 Kč to 12 818 Kč.
  • The number of flats to short-term rent with the AirBnB steeply increase. In 2017 it was 1066 flats.
  • The speed of the firefighters’ reaction is increasing every year. Now, the average is under 7 minutes.
  • According to the representative research, more than 2/3 of the city inhabitants are satisfied with their job.
  • The number of criminal offences continuously decrease since 2013 – in Brno 10 391 criminal offences were recorded in 2017.
  • Up to 355 million travels is realized with public transport. One tram drives on average 46 000 km and one bus up to 60 000 km per year. Seven out of ten inhabitants of the city are satisfied with the public transport.
  • On the contrary, with the parking only 18 % of Brno’s inhabitants are satisfied.