Select and analyze areas of your choice! This is Brno Urban Grid app!

Brno Urban Grid is a simple web app enabling prompt visualization of different types of spatial data in area of city Brno or its metropolitan area. We are not talking about any intricate analytical system, but a straightforward and open tool for a transparent analysis of the spatial situation. The application uses square mesh with a 250 x 250 meters square cell, that is placed above OpenStreet map of the metropolitan area.
Multiple types of data describing dot, line or spatial spatial phenomena such as population numbers, built-up area share, or retail store space, can be loaded in square cells. The use of square grid enables presentation and analysis of aggregated data in tightly defined, stable and spatially equally large spatial units. Thus the grid network solves possible distortions resulting from uneven size or changes in boundaries of the common statistical spatial units (such as municipalities, urban areas, or basic settlement units). Individual cells can be selected and grouped to best cover the selected territory. To give an example – the territory of the Brno metropolitan area is covered by more than 28 000 square cells of 250 x 250 meters, the territory of Brno has about 4 000 cells, city district of Brno-Kohoutovice counts 75 cells and the territory of the Brno Conservation Reserve consists of about 25 cells.
The use of the grid is fully compliant with the current activities of national statistical offices and Eurostat, which aim at wider support and development of grid statistics. Incentive here is better comparability of spatial information and its partial independence from variable administrative and political spatial units.

You can try yourself how easy it is to gain data for example for your street or housing estate on