Foreign students evaluate Brno

Brno city continuously supports students and the development of higher education. Thanks to this support, Brno maintains a significant position in the field of science, research and innovation both within the Czech Republic and in the context of Europe. Brno’s perception of students is a very important aspect for maintaining the number of students and improving the quality of life in the city. That is why the City of Brno decided to address incoming ERASMUS foreign students through a short anonymous questionnaire to get their opinions and attitudes related to Brno. The same research was carried out by the city with students from Brno who are leaving for a study stay abroad. The results are presented in the form of interactive graphs and wordcloud.

In Czech students the education area (100% is very or rather satisfied), purchasing opportunities (100%) or culture (95.9%) are positively perceived. On the other hand, the perceptions of sport are the worst (42.8% are rather or very dissatisfied), transport (34.7%) and the environment (28.6%). Foreign students rank most positively the city’s maintenance and cleanliness, transport and the environment (almost 95% is very or rather satisfied). Conversely, the worst ranked are the purchasing opportunities (29.9% is rather or very dissatisfied), housing (29.8%) and health services (28.0%).

Students leaving or coming to Brno are an important well of ideas, precisely because of a possible comparison with foreign cities. Below are quotes from students:

  1. What do you value most in Brno? What are the biggest advantages of the city?

  2. What would you make better/ What do you not like?
    “V Beer Shev, where I am studying at the moment, are more publicly accessible sports grounds, especially outdoor workout grounds.”
    “Not enough people speak English in shops, post office etc. It is very difficult to communicate with some people and I find this quite disturbing and frustrating.”
    “More creative events. Not an event when you created a FB event and asking for money all time. Example: beer pong Put every Erasmus student in the same corridor. Terrible that we can’t make any small party.”

What do you like here?

“I prefer smaller towns that are “buzzing”, and Brno is ideal for me from this point of view. So far, I have not been in a similar city that would excite in the same way as Brno.”

“Brno is a super-safe city with amazing people and pubs and PIVO of course :D”

“I ❤ this cute little town :)”


The results will be analysed and efforts will be made to implement some of the findings and comments in order to improve the life in Brno. Not only for students.