Statistics BrnoiD

Citizens of can use an electronic identity BrnoiD for three years already, which allows them to use various urban services from their home comfort. This tool has started by the option of buying a season ticket for the public transport, to pay for a municipal waste fee or to participate in city’s surveys. Now there are possible other options:  to verify a student’s status, to buy an adventure program in Brno ZOO or to recharge a credit of chip wristband for Brno sport centres. The last news is a possibility to set up a parking permission, and other online services will be developed in the future. The ground of the whole system is the functional e-shop of urban services which now has more than 130 000 customers. Moreover, the whole system has a modular structure so it is not a problem to change its adjustment anytime.

Financial statistics Brno iD

  • In 2019 the tickets were purchased through BrnoiD of EUR in the amount of EUR 9,956 mil.
  • Citizens of Brno have paid through BrnoiD more than EUR 2,1 mil. for a municipal waste fees.
  • The student’s status has verified nearly 20 thousand people.
  • The total amount of payments for the year 2019 exceeds EUR 11,9 million (year 2018 = EUR 9,64 million).