Rate of unemployment

Unemployment in the Czech Republic is one of the lowest in the European Union (Harmonised unemployment). In June 2020 is the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic is 3.7 % and 4.7 % in the district of Brno city. The comparison with the rest of the Czech Republic is the short-term and long-term unemployment rate in the Brno rather high. It is also higher than unemployment rate in South Moravian region. One of the reasons behind a rate is, that high number of workers commuting from ambient regions. According to the Employment agency 56 000 workers employed in Brno in 2015 were commuters. During the same year there were 18 633 workers from foreign countries. That meant that 75 % of those workers in whole regions were employed in Brno. Those statistics were created when the unemployment rate reached 7,9 % in Brno and 6.8 % in the whole region.