City logistics? Growing industry but the data is missing.

City planning or design of complicated transport networks cannot be effectively done without high quality data. Nowadays, it is highly insufficient to use only the official statistical data, thus it is necessary to work with other data sources such as those produced by the sharing economy. City of Brno is trying to establish links with commercial subjects and companies (such as LIFTAGO, BlaBlaCar, that can provide additional data which are usually not accessible. Take urban logistics as an example. Data from the mobile phones revealed that each day there are more than 30 000 people, who move around the city for 8 hours, without stopping for more than 30 minutes.

Numbers like these can tell us more about the scope of the impact urban logistic companies have on city infrastructure and it will only grow as the usage and popularity of e-shops and various internet services grows significantly. The data from these companies can be very useful and can become crucial for city planning in the future.

One such company – Liftago already shared their own data with the city for further exploration. Analysis revealed the most popular pickup and drop off areas, the most common routes or expected increase in the usage of the service during the night time on weekends.

However, Liftago is not the only player shaping our city. To be able to get the bigger picture, it is necessary to engage with other companies as well. BlaBlaCar and also provided their own data in the past and we especially appreciate our long-term cooperation with as we can monitor real estate market thanks to them. We would like to not only continue our cooperation with abovementioned companies, but we want to involve as many as possible in the future.