Historical ortophoto images of Brno and their comparation

Ortophoto is one of the aerial imagery outputs. It is an important complementary source of information about the real state of the territory, especially when it is linked to other map data. Ortophoto allows you to track all the changes of the city´s shape in case that you make ortophoto regularly. Therefore it is an important source of information for understanding of the city development.

Ortofoto is taken for the Brno city once a year since 2009. These data always cover all the city area with a crossing beyond its borders according to the needs of the users. Between 2005 and 2008, the data was taken only for one half of the city. Ortophoto must fulfill the minimum requirements due to the user needs. The outcome is always the seamless coloured ortophoto map according to the State map 1:5 000, georeferenced in S-JTSK coordinates system. Date of scanning surface is set on the early vegetation period so that the flora doesn´t cover terrain, construction objects, technical equipments and other objects on the ground. For special usage of ortophotos (passportisation, urban forestry, …) are photos taken also in vegetation peridou. We provide ortophotos from 1997, 2000, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015.

Current serions of ortophotos were added by historical pictures from 1953, 1976 and 1990 (The source js the Military Geographical and Hydrometeorological Institute)

App Historical ortophoto is available here: http://gis.brno.cz/mapa/historicka-ortofota

App Comparation of historical ortophoto is available here:http://gis.brno.cz/mapa/porovnani-historickych-ortofot/