Proportion of unemployed persons in the Brno Metropolitan Area (%)


Data on the proportion of unemployed persons in municipalities of the Brno Metropolitan Area come from 2014 to 2017. The proportion of unemployed persons expresses the share of available job seekers aged from 15 to 64 years from all the inhabitants of the same age population. This indicator has been used since 2013 and replaced a registered unemployment rate which measured all available job seekers only to economically active persons. The proportion of unemployed persons has different rate due to its dissimilar definition, and therefore, it cannot be compared with the original indicator. The proportion of unemployed persons for hinterland and Brno Metropolitan Area is calculated as an average of all municipalities in the given category.


Due to the change in the methodology for calculating the indicator, data on the ratio of unemployed persons have been recorded since 2014, when the share of unemployed persons living in the Brno Metropolitan Area was 6, 15 %. The highest unemployment rate was in Brno this year. The lowest share of unemployed persons was in Šlapanice. The unemployment rate has been decreasing since 2010. Currently, we are getting to the level of unemployment rate from the period before the economic crisis. In 2018, the unemployment rate in the BMA was 2, 48%.

The largest share of unemployed persons is still in Brno, even in comparison with the average of the South Moravian region. One of the reasons is the fact that Brno is the centre of commute for work and people commute there from wide surroundings. Another fact is undoubtedly many university graduates who work in Brno but have a permanent permit in their hometowns and thus reduce unemployment there.

On the contrary, the unemployment indicator is low in the surrounding centers, as many people go to Brno and the remaining places are quickly and easily occupied. The higher unemployment rate in Brno is caused by a high share of long-term unemployed persons (36, 92%) per all job seekers. Brno has this indicator as the highest from all administrative districts of municipalities with the extended powers in the South Moravian region.


ČSÚ, 2019

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