Number of inhabitants in the Brno Metropolitan Area and the South Moravian region


Number of inhabitants at some point is one of the basic demographic characteristics. The state of population of individual territorial units is surveyed quarterly and published (as preliminary data) in the publication of State and Movement of Population in the Czech Republic. The final results of the population movement are published annually in the Demographic Yearbook of the Czech Republic, or in the yearbook of the lower territorial unit.


The most populous city in the Brno Metropolitan Area is Brno. By 2006, the number of its inhabitants had decreased to 366 680. Since 2007, the number of inhabitants has been slightly increasing. On the other side, municipalities in Brno hinterland have shown an upward trend of the population which is related to the process of suburbanization. This trend is characterized by an outflow of population from the inner part of the city to its peripheral parts of the so-called suburbs or adjacent villages, which have a good access to the core city. This fact is related to complications concerning the zoning plan of the city of Brno. From the peripheral parts, the most populated municipalities are Kuřim, Ivančice, Tišnov, Šlapanice or Austerlitz.


ČSÚ, 2019

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