Number of long-term unemployed in the Brno Metropolitan Area


The long-term unemployed indicator points to a structural mismatch between supply and demand on the labour market. Increasing share of the long-term unemployed persons on the labour market also points to the risk of upcoming higher expenditures on social security of these persons from public funds, an increased risk of social exclusions, etc.

A long-term unemployed person is a such person who is registered at the Labour Office for more than 12 months (for graduates it is more than 6 months).


The number of long-term unemployed persons in the Brno Metropolitan Area is decreasing. Between 2014 and 2018, it dropped by 9 463 persons. From the data above, the city of Brno is the largest contributor to this number of long-term unemployed persons. There is any municipality in the Brno Metropolitan Area where the number of long-term unemployed persons would exceed a value of

1 000 inhabitants. In addition, there is any municipality where this value exceeds the threshold of 100 long-term unemployed persons. Most of the unemployed persons within the hinterland of the Brno Metropolitan Area are in the municipalities: Kuřim, Tišnov, Ivančice and Pohořelice. In 2018, there were 18, 23 % of the total number of long-term unemployed persons from the Brno Metropolitan Area.


ČSÚ, 2019

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