Brno Urban Grid

What is Brno Urban Grid?

Brno Urban Grid (BUG) is an application that will enable simple visualization and analysis of several types of spatial data within the scope of the Brno Metropolitan Area. It is an uncomplicated and open tool for quick and clear analysis of the spatial situation. The application uses a grid square of a size of a 250×250 cell, that is located above the metropolitan area map (OpenStreetMap). The information can be calculated into squared cells about different spatial phenomena, such as the number of inhabitants, the area of the built-up areas or the area of retail outlets. The key features of the application are openness, user-friendliness and interpretive clarity.

Why a square grid?

The advantage of using a square grid is the ability to present and analyze data in tightly defined, stable and mutually comparable spatial units. The use of the grid resolves distortions caused by uneven size or changes in the boundaries of the usual statistical spatial units. Individual cells can be grouped together to best cover the selected territory. The use of the grid is in line with the current activities of the national statistical authorities and Eurostat, which leads to a deeper development of grid statistics.

Who is in charge of administration and the development of the application?  

The application is developed by cartographers, computer scientists and social geographers from Altimapo company, a spin-off of Masaryk University in Brno.

Data source

What's new?

3D Model Brna

Webová aplikace zobrazuje 3D model budov na území města Brna. Tento model byl vytvořen v roce 2017. Budovy obsahují informace o způsobu využití stavebního objektu, zda se jedná o majetek města, v jakém je budova typu vlastnictví a jaký je počet vlastníků. Tyto informace jsou zahrnuté souhrnně v obecném zobrazení modelu, jednotlivě lze tyto informace prohlížet zvlášť v tematickém zobrazení modelu. více

Brno - Mapa kvality života

Zajímavá interaktivní mapa města Brna měří kvalitu života a spokojenost obyvatel ve městě. Podává přehled a informace pomocí barevného rozlišení v rozličných aspektech života v Brně. více

ERASMUS+ students in Brno

Universities in Brno receive hundreds of international students from the ERASMUS + exchange program annually. How many students come to Brno each year? Which universities are the most popular? Where do students visiting Brno come from? With the latest data from universities, we are able to paint a comprehensive picture. As we can see from […]

The first year of DATA.BRNO

21st of March marked one year anniversary of DATA.BRNO and we would like to use this opportunity to present you a few numbers about the web. The main goal of DATA.BRNO is to provide city data for the general public, professionals, and developers.  The general public is able to get basic information about the city […]

City logistics? Growing industry but the data is missing.

City planning or design of complicated transport networks cannot be effectively done without high quality data. Nowadays, it is highly insufficient to use only the official statistical data, thus it is necessary to work with other data sources such as those produced by the sharing economy. City of Brno is trying to establish links with […]

Property market in Brno

Prices of the properties in Brno are among the most expensive in the Czech Republic right after Prague. Although price growth has slowed a little in the last year, it is still robust. Final price of the property reflects several factors and that creates a wide range of pricing across the city. Analysis studied the […]

Rate of unemployment

Česká republika má jednu z nejnižších nezaměstnaností v Evropské unii. V České republice k září roku 2017 činí nezaměstnanost 3,8 %.

How much do we make? Wage evolution and other comparisons for the past 10 years.

It’s 2018 and unemployment is on its record low, the economy thrives and companies have difficulties recruiting new workforce. In most sectors, the demand for labour outmatches its supply, which pushes wages to rise. In the following graphs, we can take a look at the dynamics of the growth in the past 10 years. Data […]

Public transportation serviceability of Brno and its surroudning area

Data from timetables are a unique source of information about the state of the public transportation in the Brno municipal area and that is the reason why we decided to take a better look at them. The outcome of this effort are two applications – an interpretive one and an analytical one. The interpretive application […]

Analysis of satellite images shows increasing drought problems

The whole Czech Republic went through one of the driest summer seasons in the recorded history. In August, the temperatures in the South Moravia Region were 3.8°C higher than the average of years from 1981 to 2010 and at the same time the precipitation was 40% below average. High temparatures along with shortage of rainfall […]