Blablacar and Brno

Many of you have heard about BlaBlaCar, ride hailing platform offering people means to share the car. People who have a free seat in the car can offer a ride to other travelers, who often look for alternatives to the regular transport. Benefits of BlaBlaCar include on-site entry and exit arrangements, ability to negotiate the starting time or travel costs that are divided between multiple passengers which makes travelling cheaper.

The Web and its services are also very popular among people traveling to / from Brno, as can be seen in the interactive map below. The map shows the number of people who used BlaBlaCar during the March 2017. The most popular domestic routes are shown in yellow, the most popular international routes are shown in blue. The line thickness indicates amount of people carried on each route. Specific number can be seen after you click on the route. We can see that the largest routes are between Brno – Prague and Brno – Olomouc with more than 1000 passengers, Brno – Zlín, Brno – Ostrava and Brno – Prostějov with over 300 passengers. The map shows top 20 most popular domestic and international routes. Within the international routes, the most people traveled between Brno and Bratislava, other intensively used routes are Brno to Vienna, Žilina, or to Prievidza and Kosice in Slovakia.

We can also observe the minimal use of BlaBlaCar within the South Moravian Region, the number of transported persons predominates more distantly to regional centers than to smaller municipalities. There is also a significant amount of people travelling to and from the Moravian-Silesian region. Another notable thing is the absence of strong routes to and from northern Bohemia. In terms of cities abroad, the largest number of routes leads to Slovakia, which is undoubtedly related to proximity of slovak towns to Brno. The already mentioned link to Bratislava, where BlaBlaCar utilizes more than 500 people, is highly predominant. Although the second most widely used international stream is to Vienna at a comparable distance, the number of people on the route has not reached even a hundred.

Recently, the popularity of shared services (not only Blablacar but eg Airbnb or Uber) is growing, especially among younger generations. We can therefore believe that the dominance of foreign traffic flows to Slovakia is linked to the fact that more than 9,000 Slovaks are currently studying in Brno.

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