Every place in the metropolitan area is characteristic not only by its location, but also by its number of inhabitants. The population in the territory is not a static number but it changes during the day. In this application, you have the possibility to find out, how many inhabitants are in the given time at the given location. The apllication uses geolocation data provided by the mobile operator T-Mobile. What are the geolocation data? This is the residual signalling data, which the SIM card transmits to the mobile network (BTS). Based on this connection, one can determine the place, where the user is located. Since the T-Mobile has a 40% share in the telecom market, this data is calibrated to the entire population (up to 100 %). Data is further aggregated (it is not possibly to see less than 10 people) because of the data protection purposes. Data were collected in two consecutive working weeks (Tuesday-Thursday) based on them, the typical working day was then compiled. The same is true for setting a typical non-working day.

The average working day was determined by the average of the following days:
20- 22 September 2016 (Tuesday to Thursday)
18– 20 October 2016 (Tuesday to Thursday)

The average non-working day was determined by the average during the following days:

24 September (Saturday)
22 October (Saturday)

Oddělení dat, analýz a evaluací Magistrátu města Brna  in cooperation with SpatialHub (Mendelova univerzita v Brně)