Tourist demand analysis of the city of Brno

The Tourism Development Program of the City of Brno 2016-2020 is aiming to increase the tourist turnout of the city. There were insufficient static data in Brno to evaluate the success of tourism campaigns and activities, as well as a lack of complex analysis of tourist demand. That’s the reason why we searched for the necessary information about the visitors of Brno using two large sociological surveys.

The first one was called The Analysis of Tourist Demand of the City of Brno. The main goal of this research was to analyze in detail the tourist turnout of Brno, especially in terms of the composition of the visitors, the source regions and countries, the reasons to the visit, the means of transport and the ways of spending leisure time. We focused on assessing satisfaction with the offer and with the tourism infrastructure, with the city’s amenities, and with the quality of the provided services. We were also interested in the level of visitors’ loyalty measured by the so-called Net Promoter Score, and visitors’ willingness (interest) to visit the city again in the future. The survey was carried out on a sample of 1520 respondents using methods of face-to-face interviews in selected tourist locations in Brno during the autumn 2017. The target group consist of visitors of Brno in selected tourist locations aged 15+ years.

The final report of The Analysis of the Tourist Demand of the City of Brno is available HERE.

The second research was called Research on the Perception of the Image of the City of Brno Abroad, and aimed at describing the current state of knowledge and perception of Brno in the neighboring countries, namely at analyzing the existing perception of the image of the city abroad, evaluating the association with the city of Brno and comparing them with the associations with other Czech cities, and defining sources of information about the city. The research was carried out in the autumn 2017 in four countries (Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria) on a sample of 1,500 respondents through online questionnaire on a representative panel. The target group of the survey were foreign tourists of all ages (aged 15+ years) who visited the Czech Republic at least once in the last 3 years for one or more days or they consider visiting over the next 12 months.

The final report of The Research of the Perception of Brno’s Image Abroad is available HERE.