Residential construction in Brno in the last decade

The number of completed dwellings in municipalities is an important indicator for assessment of their development. It belongs to important socioeconomics indicators, which serve not only to spatial planning, but also for the development of other planning documents, such as the concept of housing policy. It is usefull to know the precise numbers of completed dwellings, especially in the towns and cities of middle or big size, where the objective need for dwellings is biggest. That way, the towns and cities, where the housing problems are sucessfully solved with fittingly applied housing policy are highlighted. On the other hand, also the risk warning of dwellings‘ shortage in those towns and cities where residential construction lag behind in the long term is pointed up. The importance is especially in relation to growing numbers of inhabitants/ households, to potential migration and growing unsatisfied demand.


The article brings a view on residential construction in Brno. The number of completed dwellings in particular years (2006 – 2016) was monitored in municipal districts (29 units) and cadstral districts (48 units). In last eleven years (2006 – 2016) together 16 229 dwellings were buildt in Brno.

The distribution of dwellings through time and space is not even. The most dwellings in the ast decade was buildt in 2007 (2736 dwellings), on the other hand the least was buildt in 2014 (only 998). In absolute numbers the most dwellings were buildt in municipal district Brno-střed (2 973), however in recalculation per 1 000 inhabitants is Brno- střed at the 18. place (out of 29 municipal districts). On the other hand, the most dwellings per 1 000 inhabitants were buildt in the last decade in the municipal district Medlánky and Žebětín (250 and 238 dwellings per 1 000 inhabitants).

Completed dwellings according to the municipal districts (2006 – 2016)

Completed dwellinngs according to the cadastral districts (2006 – 2016)

The map showing the number of completed dwellings according to municipal districts (2006 – 2016) HERE
The map showing the number of completed dwellings according to cadastral districts (2006 – 2016) HERE

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