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  • Metodologie Indikátorová karta Brněnský sport má za úkol identifikovat, jakou částkou oblast sportu dotuje město Brno. Interpretace Dotace na tělovýchovu vykazovaly v letech 2004–2009 výrazný nárůst a mírný pokles v roce 2010, od roku 2011 sledujeme opět postupný nárůst.

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  • A city of students, a city of universities or a city of research and development – that is how Brno is currently nicknamed. Fifteen years ago, however, the city looked differently; it was not profiled in any manner and was still only searching for its identity. Following the transformation processes that took place in the […]

  • The fact that number of foreigners in the Czech Republic and also in Brno is increasing is already known. It is a logical development in a society that is internationalized due to globalization processes, the Czech Republic’s membership in the EU or economic demand. Let’s look at this phenomenon in more detail through the eyes […]

  • It’s 2018 and unemployment is on its record low, the economy thrives and companies have difficulties recruiting new workforce. In most sectors, the demand for labour outmatches its supply, which pushes wages to rise. In the following graphs, we can take a look at the dynamics of the growth in the past 10 years. Data […]

  • Brno city continuously supports students and the development of higher education. Thanks to this support, Brno maintains a significant position in the field of science, research and innovation both within the Czech Republic and in the context of Europe. Brno’s perception of students is a very important aspect for maintaining the number of students and […]

  • City of students, the city of universities or city of research and development. These are the nicknames often given to Brno these days. However, ten years ago, the city had a completely different image and was only in search of its identity. The engineering industry was on its decline after the transformational processes in the […]