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  • Dear Brno citizens, You already have in front of you the fourth State of the City Report. Just as in previous years, we want to share with you some interesting figures associated with the city of Brno. We no longer have to tell you that it is again in a light and playful form. If […]

  • It’s 2019 and unemployment is on its record low, the economy thrives and companies have difficulties recruiting new workforce. In most sectors, the demand for labour outmatches its supply, which pushes wages to rise. In the following graphs, we can take a look at the dynamics of the growth in the past 10 years. Data […]

  • A city of students, a city of universities or a city of research and development – that is how Brno is currently nicknamed. Fifteen years ago, however, the city looked differently; it was not profiled in any manner and was still only searching for its identity. Following the transformation processes that took place in the […]

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  • Brno Urban Grid is a simple web app enabling prompt visualization of different types of spatial data in area of city Brno or its metropolitan area. We are not talking about any intricate analytical system, but a straightforward and open tool for a transparent analysis of the spatial situation. The application uses square mesh with […]

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  • Methodology Foreign direct investments (FDI) have clearly positive impacts on the economy of the city. Comprehensive cumulative FDI statistics are generated annually by the Czech National Bank (CNB) in accordance with international standards adopted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in accordance with EUROSTAT and the International Monetary Fund. The CNB bases its […]

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  • Ortophoto is one of the aerial imagery outputs. It is an important complementary source of information about the real state of the territory, especially when it is linked to other map data. Ortophoto allows you to track all the changes of the city´s shape in case that you make ortophoto regularly. Therefore it is an important […]

  • What is Brno Urban Grid? Brno Urban Grid (BUG) is an application that will enable simple visualization and analysis of several types of spatial data within the scope of the Brno Metropolitan Area. It is an uncomplicated and open tool for quick and clear analysis of the spatial situation. The application uses a grid square […]

  • (Čeština) Interaktivní mapa dopravních nehod v Brně za rok 2017. Aplikace obsahuje mimo základní vizualizaci také časovou animaci.

  • Interactive Map of Companies, Organizations and Legal entities in Brno current as of January 1, 2018. Application includes apart from basic visualization also the layer of Companies by industry and time animation. You can find both below the Layers in the top right corner. You can start it by selecting Companies in time in layers […]

  • Poskytování dat pro zakázky MMB, MČ a organizací zřizovaných městem O data lze požádat Odbor městské informatiky na základě smlouvy nebo objednávky na konkrétní zakázku prostřednictvím pověřených pracovníků na odborech MMB a úřadech městských částí. S žadateli, kteří o data žádají opakovaně, popř. pro velké zakázky, je uzavřena rámcová smlouva, pro jednorázové jednoduché akce jsou […]