3D model of Brno buildings

City of Brno present 2 apps that display 3D models of buildings in the Web scene.  First app is the 3D model of simplified buildings in whole area of Brno city. 3D model includes information about the usage of the building, whether it it a property of the city and the information about ownership in general. The 3D model also provide the simplified models of bridges in the city.

Second model is the urbanistic model of buildings (more detailed) with molded roofs. This model was created in 2012 for the Brno Urban Conservation Area and 10 other localities.

Use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozzila (with WebGL support), graphic card with at least 1GB RAM and high quality Internet connection for the proper running of the Web Scene. The web rendering is dependent on these properties.

The 3D model is available HERE:

The Urbanistic model of the city is available HERE: