The first year of DATA.BRNO

21st of March marked one year anniversary of DATA.BRNO and we would like to use this opportunity to present you a few numbers about the web. The main goal of DATA.BRNO is to provide city data for the general public, professionals, and developers.  The general public is able to get basic information about the city of Brno, mainly thanks to the City State Report which has become very popular and will be released for the third time in late April 2019. For professionals and students, on the other hand, we have released many interactive long-term statistics and applications. Developers and advanced users who would like to connect to the city data through API would be a bit disappointed as there are very few datasets accessible as open data ready for automatic processing. The main reason for this is that we have faced numerous technical difficulties. We can see the greatest room for the improvement in this area and we want to offer more data sets that will be in open formats.

Numerical projection of visitors

Data Number Explanation
Users 33 503 Users who initiated at least one visit
New users 34 058 Users who visited the website for the first time
Visits 49 314 A visit where the user actively engages to the website
Views of the website 148 621 Total website views
Number of sessions per user 1,47 Average number of sessions per user
Number of websites per session 3,01 Average number of views of the website
Average session duration 00:02:53 Duration of the visit
Rate of immediate abandonment 47,76 % Number of sessions where there was no interaction and the website was immediately abandoned


DATA.BRNO can be accessed in english too and is popular among foreigners living in Brno as well as those living abroad. More than half of users who visit the website are within Brno, other most frequent visits are from Prague, Bratislava, Olomouc, and Pilsen. Approximately 40 % of Prague logins use the English version of the site. Prague citizens are also most interested in The Applications and Analyzes (47 %) and Data (42 %) sections.

Language of users

More than half of users are young people under 35 years with the dominant representation of people in the age of 25 to 34. With the rising age of users, visits are steadily declining.

From the total number of 49 000 logins, 36 000 of them are made via computers and 13 000 are made via mobile phones (including tablets). We also know that more than half of users who log in through the computer use Google Chrome as their browser, followed by Mozzila Firefox and Safari. Just 8 % of users use Internet Explorer. 65 % of mobile device users use Android as an operating system and approximately 30 % use iOS.

The year of operation DATA.BRNO showed what are the most valuable datasets and information. The web serves as a platform that connects us with users. Thanks to them, we know what we should improve and what to concentrate on in the future. We would like to thank many trainees at our department, students and collaborating enthusiasts, without whom many things would not simply happen. We are also grateful for many awards we have been awarded last year.

Data, Analysis and Evaluation Department.